Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flax Seed Warming Pillows

For Christmas, we made some flax seed heating pillows (some with lavender in them!). They were really fun to make! We got flax seed from our local Sprouts and the materials from Hancock Fabrics a while ago. The flaxseed we got is a little moist, so the first few times they are warmed up in the microwave they may be moist, but after that they should be dry. The pillows are great for sore muscles and stay warm for up to an hour under covers. If desired, they can also be stored in the freezer and used as a cold pack when needed. We used all cotton fabric and string in order to make sure they would not melt in the microwave.
We sewed up 3 sides (inside out) on the sewing machine, on the 4th side, we left a hole enough to fit in a funnel to get the flax seeds in there.
After filling with flax seeds (and lavender (optional)) we sewed up the hole on the sewing machine as closely as we could so the ridge would not be noticeable.

Final Product

Our Gifts!

Wrapped in a bow!

Sewing machine setting

Sewing machine setting 2

Sewing machine setting 3

sewed on 3 sides

empty pillow

open hole for flax seed pouring

Flax seeds



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