Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Chair Re-upholstery

Our chairs were looking pretty yucky. So one day we just decided to re-do them. We got some fabric from hobby lobby. Our criteria for fabric was that it be easy to wipe down. We got the pneumatic stapler tool from Harbor Freight and some staples and spent 2 night redoing the chairs. We would have been done in one evening, but one of the chairs needed a new seat completely, which we cut out using a jig saw from a piece of plywood and two chairs needed new cushioning, which we cut out from 1" cushioning we got from hobby lobby. On the super broken chair that needed plywood, we double stacked the cushioning to make it super comfy.
The overall process was pretty easy and after we got the hang of the folding and pulling tight it was fairly simple.

We purchased 2 yards of fabric and that was enough to cover 6 chairs with fabric left over. We were lucky because 1 yard could be divided into quarters and each of those covered our chairs perfectly.
We did 4 of the same chairs and then 2 mismatched ones.



New in the front, old in the back


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